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Supporting the NHS: Thank you to our key workers

As many put their lives on the line to help in the fight against coronavirus, we want to offer our gratitude.


As experts in infection control, we’re used to working with the NHS and being amazed at its workers’ dedication, skill and sheer hard work. But the coronavirus pandemic has brought about a new challenge for us all, and has hit the NHS particularly hard.


While many of us are asked to simply stay at home and put our feet up, 1.5 million of our carers and key workers across the UK continue to risk their lives to help keep us all safe. While we clap every Thursday night at 8pm, it’s worth remembering the scale of these numbers. Our NHS workers represent a huge proportion of the overall workforce in the UK, with one in 20 employed adults working for the health service. The NHS is one of the largest employers in the world, and is the biggest in Europe.


But it’s not just 1.5 million people up and down the country helping against this unprecedented disease. It’s about the individuals who make up this number: the support staff, the porters, the midwives, the A&E doctors, the nurses, the carers. It’s also the individual key workers beyond the NHS who are keeping this country running: the delivery drivers, supermarket workers, and many more.


To all our vital workers, we want to say thank you. We’d also like to thank our team who are keeping our vital antibacterial and coronavirus-killing products made and delivered to the NHS during this time. While we cope with increased demand, we’re investing in new machinery to ensure that the NHS remains stocked with the products it needs to help in this fight.


So raise a glass, clap your hands, hit a pot or pan, and thank the many individuals across the country who are saving lives by risking their own.


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